Project extension of SK H2O protec GmbH

by Christian Geuting

Projekt Erweiterung der SK H2O protec GmbH und Neugründung der WSS Abdichtungsgesellschaft mbH & Co.KG

SK H2O protec GmbH plans to extend its company premises with a storage and production hall. This fundamental planning is based on the growing demand for special sealing systems for engineering and tunnel projects. In addition, there are also increased requirements in the area of advisory services for planning and architectural offices as well as new developments of useful systems in sealing technology.
Over the last three years we have been able to steadily increase the annual turnover to approx. 3,000,000.00 euro. However, this sales volume has exhausted production capacities. Since the market allows for a significantly higher sales volume, expansion is indispensable.
In order to rectify this situation, SK H2O needs an additional area of approx. 5000m² in addition to the floor space and building that it currently leases and would like to purchase. We found this area in the directly adjacent property at Wiegenkamp 27 and have leased it for the time being. There are also plans to establish a service company (WSS Abdichtung) to meet the growing demand for installation work and construction site services.

In order to optimise warehouse movements and improve work processes, a warehouse with an area of approx. 1300m² and an additional production area of approx. 1250m² with an administration wing are planned.
The company already responded in 2018 to the increasing need for personnel, by hiring additional staff to meet future requirements. We have to train and educate our workers ourselves due to the special job profile for vulcanisers, who are rarely available in the free labour market.

The extension is scheduled to be implemented in four phases. These objectives are to be realised between 2019 and 2021.

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