Specifications for the dimensioning of waterstops in accordance with DIN 18197

DIN 18197 regulates the planning principles, the installation and joining technology as well as the dimensioning of the waterstops, taking into account all the principles mentioned in this DIN.

1. Joint width

The dimensioning diagrams are valid for an initial joint width / nominal joint width WNom for internal expansion waterstops and capping joint waterstops of 20–30mm, and for external expansion waterstops of 20–25mm.

Waterstop Design / Type Joint width WNom


20 - 30 mm


20 - 30 mm


20 - 25 mm


2. Position in the component
Coverage rule:
Depth of integration ≤ Coverage Ü


3. Minimum component thickness for internal waterstops

Rule of thumb:

Component thickness in the area of the waterstop ≥ waterstop width (there are exceptions)

4. Dimensioning (water pressure and deformation)

a) The basic dimensioning rules specified in DIN 18197 apply to waterstops in accordance with DIN 7865 and DIN 18541. The respective profiles may also be suitable for higher loads, depending on assessment of the individual case.

b) For PVC-P waterstops, the dimensions specified in the ABP (general test certificate issued by the building supervisory authority) apply.


Water level for dimensioning:

The highest groundwater level, stratum water level or flood level to be expected.

Filling water level for containers.