Planning procedure

1. Planning discussions on site

Intensive consultation and explanation on the topic of sealing systems. Discussion of the existing conditions and the resulting sealing options.

2. Development of sealing proposals

We develop sealing proposals using the most up-to-date methods, taking into account the existing specifications and planning documents, which are then discussed with you and your specialist planners.

3. Converting sealing proposals into production plans

After consultation with you and the planners, detailed waterstop plans are drawn up from the respective proposals, which then serve as the basis for production.

4. Manufacturing and checking

The systems are cut to size based on joint design plans (we generally prepare production drawings) and then joined together by trained personnel using the respective joining technology, checked for dimensional accuracy and made ready for dispatch.

5. Dispatch

The prepared systems are packed on pallets, wrapped, labelled and transported on trucks to the respective construction sites.

6. Individual follow-up support on the construction site

After delivery, we will continue to support you and provide training for your staff; we can also help with the installation of the systems if required.